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2020 Annual Report: Family Resiliency in Action

The year of 2020 brought with it many new and unexpected challenges that impacted our families and our staff. From an unprecedented pandemic to a national reckoning with systemic racial inequity, we found ourselves in a position where we had to be creative to meet our community’s increased needs for support while also adapting all our usual strategies and techniques to work at a safe distance. It has been a difficult time, but the VCR team managed to maintain all our initiatives at the standard we expect from ourselves. We even managed to achieve some new levels of success.

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Making History, Making a Difference

Black History Month is about celebrating the uniqueness and difference African Americans make and have made in America. National Parent Leadership Month is also celebrated during the month of February. We celebrate the uniqueness and positive difference parents make in the lives of their children, family and community. Yes, the parent voice matters for your family and community….

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Announcing our new branding and website

At Vision for Children at Risk, our focus is on creating a better future for children, where geography does not determine their future. We are committed to reducing the wide disparities that exist in the well-being of children across the St. Louis region. This has been our commitment for nearly three decades, and we renew that today with the announcement of our new branding and website.

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