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The System of Care-St. Louis Region (SOC) is a collaborative network of agencies, families, and youth focused on the total health of children and families with, or at risk for, serious emotional disorders. The SOC supports a family-driven, youth-guided approach to care that is centered on Integrated Family Treatment and Family Support Partners. We want children, young adults, and families in the St. Louis region to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

The System of Care-St. Louis Region Expansion (SOC-E) project is a federally funded initiative working to improve mental health outcomes specifically for juvenile justice involved youth. The Mental Health Board received this funding through SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration). Vision for Children at Risk provides project management, infrastructure services, and family support services.

Mission: The mission of the System of Care St. Louis Region is to seamlessly integrate social and emotional wellness services and practices into all aspects of the care system and to ensure understanding of and access to holistic care, services, resources and support for children, youth and their families.

Vision: All children, youth and families in the St. Louis Region are served under a community-based integrated standard of care that:

  1. Operates with seamless connectivity;
  2. Provides high quality care, services, resources and supports and;
  3. Promotes physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social wellness.
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Our Connection to the Work​​

VCR’s work with the federally funded System of Care-St. Louis Region Expansion (SOC-E) is strongly rooted in our family engagement work. In partnership with SOC collaborative agencies, we provide peer support for parents/caregivers of children or youth up to 24 years old who have a Serious Emotional Disorder (SED). We walk alongside families in strengths based manner, keeping the family at the center of the decision making process. Learn more about Family Support Services here.

In addition to providing direct support to families, VCR provides the project management and infrastructure services for the SOC Expansion in partnership with the Mental Health Board. With this, we are managing and coordinating the efforts of over 45 key partners representing government agencies, institutions, organizations, and youth and family representatives.


The System of Care-St. Louis Region Expansion is committed to:

  • Strengthening and enhancing current infrastructure to connect juvenile justice involved youth and families with mental health service partners;
  • Connecting juvenile justice involved youth and families with Family Support Partners;
  • Creating an Integrated Family Treatment Model for juvenile justice involved youth and families; and
  • Implementing an Integrated Family Services Model for juvenile justice involved youth and families.

Alongside our SOC partners, VCR provides peer support for parents/caregivers of children or youth up to 24 years old who have a Serious Emotional Disorder (SED).

Connect with Services

Our Family Support Partners have lived experience as a parent or family member of a child/youth with a serious emotional disorder, as well as a deep connection to the communities in the St. Louis Promise Zone. They are here to:

  • Walk alongside youth/families as they navigate services;
  • Connect parents/families to peer-to-peer support; and
  • you advocate for a stronger more effective system.

To learn more about the System of Care Expansion Family Support work, contact Jawana Hammonds: | 314-534-6015 ext. 130.

Or call the BHR Family Support Services Hotline at 314-819-8819.

Join Us

Parents: Families should be at the center of decisions that impact them. Our System of Care Parent & Youth Advisory Council is designed to put leadership and decision-making power back in your hands and to grow your impact by connecting families to a broader network of systems change makers. Learn more here or contact Jawana Hammonds at or 314-534-6015 ext. 130.

Partner Organizations: This work would not be possible without strong collaboration. Together, we are able to more fully serve the St. Louis region. Opportunities to partner include serving on the SOC Council, being part of our Critical Case Staffing Team, and aligning services for family. Contact Jawana Hammonds at to learn more. Download the System of Care partner MOU here.


22nd Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri – Family Court, Juvenile Division; Alive and Well Communities; Behavioral Health Network; Behavioral Health Response; Bethany Christian Services; Boys Hope Girls Hope of St. Louis, Care-STL Health (formerly Myrtle Hilliard); Covering House; Children’s Division-City; Epworth Children & Family Services; Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition; Generate Health; Homegrown STL; Lutheran Children and Family Services of Missouri; Missouri Department of Mental Health-Division of Behavioral Health; Missouri Institute of Mental Health; National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse; Places for People; Preferred Family Healthcare; Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services; Saint Louis MHB; Special School District; St. Louis County Children’s Services Fund; St. Louis County Family Court Administration; St. Louis County Human Services; St. Louis Integrated Health Network; St. Louis Regional Health Commission; St. Vincent Home for Children; United Way of Greater St. Louis; University of Missouri St. Louis-Children’s Advocacy Center; University of Missouri St. Louis-Center for Behavioral Health; Washington University-Institute for Public Health, Center for Community Health, Partnerships, & Research

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Parent Café​

Connect with other parents and caregivers to strengthen your family.

Project LAUNCH Vitality Café​

Parents charting their own paths toward holistic wellness. 

Vitality Café​

Parents charting their own paths toward holistic wellness.

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Vision for Children at Risk informs the community with data and information on child well-being in the St. Louis area, builds and drives collaboration and strategic action for children, and advocates for policies and investment in children that support child well-being.